Anton Klyuev
Websites. SEO.
Private specialist in websites, SEO, internet advertising


I know my tools well enough to solve clients' problems in a reasonable amount of time


Create all Internet marketing
Work with sites on WordPress and Tilda. I can make a site, design pages, animation, install additional functionality.

Site and Code

I am oriented toward modern SEO optimization for Google. I know how to promote service sites and what is needed for this
Work in Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and other tools. Сollect data, analyze it, find connections. Then, I create hypotheses and implementation strategies
I set up and run ads Google (Ads Display Certification)
Promote and design the company in Google My Business and other maps and directories
Work with graphics: draw simple banners, logos, prepare social networks to receive advertising traffic
Optimizing YouTube (editing videos and covers, conducting SEO optimization)
YouTube and Video
Make WebView apps for Android, put them on Play Market
They are segmenting, cleaning bases: layout, set up, and email newsletters.
Email newsletters
I do not do what I like, but what the client needs. To do this, I listen attentively, ask questions and penetrate the essence of the problem and tasks of the business.
I will tell you how I work and how I can be of help. If I can’t help, I’ll advise you on alternatives or whom you can turn to.
I understand
I am asking questions to understand the problem and find solutions that work for the business. Build adequate expectations of my work and problem-solving.
Competently solve the problem and present the work. Then, I get corrections and work out the project with accounting for comments.
I don't blend in
In any unclear situation, I don’t get upset but take the client’s side. I try to be with him at the same time and find a solution to the problem.
Reporting back to
I make reports, summarize the analytics, and show how much I’ve benefited the business. After that, it is clear whether we should continue cooperation.
1. Not an assembly line. I approach each project with a soul.

2. No more than 5-6 projects at a time.

3. We sign NCA. I guarantee that while we cooperate, I do not take projects of your competitors.

4. All officially. We draw up the contract, invoices, certificates.

5. Usually, I work alone, but I connect designers, programmers, and copywriters to the project if required.
Ask questions, get into the business, competitors, and customers. After that, I suggest options suitable for promoting your business online.

Create helpful sites that are pleasant to use and easy to maintain.

Do not promise the top 3 if it is impossible in the current environment. I don't offer an excellent website, super SEO, neuro-NLP-copywriting, or killer advertising. I'm offering the opportunity to become the best business on your city's Internet.
Do not have a price list. Each project is priced individually.

If there is a problem, write to me. Then, we will discuss solutions, and I will calculate the cost.
Do not guarantee the result in SEO. I certify that I will do my job qualitatively and on time, but I can not say with 100% certainty that the site will get into the top 6 months.

I am responsible for the quality and timeliness of my work. However, I cannot be responsible for the algorithms of search engines and other people's work that may affect the site.



Let's start talking about the benefits to your business.

Then, we'll discuss the challenges, and I'll find solutions that fit your budget.
I live in Yekaterinburg.
I work with the whole world.
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